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Our Hospital Grade 'Made in the USA' portable reusable instant heat packs provide a comforting heat that is great for relieving stress related aches, preventing hypothermia or for use in rescue situations. They generate a soothing comfortable heat that relieves sore muscles and joints and helps promote healing. The heat packs are uniquely designed for every part of the body, including the face, shoulders, back, hands, elbows, stomach, knees, calves or feet. The smaller hand warmer size packs are ideal for aid in the drug-free treatment of dry eyes (Blepharitis or MGD).

All of our heat packs are fully reusable again and again and are ideal for any application where safe, convenient, fast, scent free, heat is required. These heat packs are portable and generate a reliable scent free instant heat, where and whenever you need it, without the need for batteries or electrical cords. The simple 'snap' of the “activation trigger” starts a unique, instant crystallization process that produces heat up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit within seconds.

Depending on heat pack size and application, these heat packs can produce therapeutic heat from 30 minutes to three hours or more. Longer heat times are experienced by using any form of insulation such as a towel or layer of clothing.  After use, the spent heat pack is recharged by simply placing it in hot water for a few minutes which also cleans and sterilizes them, thus insuring they are ready for the next time they are needed. They also double as a cooling compress when chilled in a cooler.

Reusable Instant Heat Packs

Some Uses for Our Reusable Instant Heat Packs
Arthritis or Joint Pain
Back Aches
Cold Weather Survival
Cold Pack
Cramps or Muscle Spasm
Dry Eyes (MGD/Blepharitis)
Fibromyalgia Relief
First Aid Kit Accessories
General Warming
Head Aches
Hypothermia Prevention
Industrial Applications
Massage Therapy
Muscle & Joint Pain
Neck or Shoulder Pain
Outdoor Sports / Activities
Paramedical Activities
Scuba Diving (Does not add buoyancy)
Skiing / Snowmobiling
Sports Injuries
Stress Relief
Veterinarian Applications
  • Our Mission is to provide you, our customers, quality US made products and service that meets your needs.
  • We guarantee our heat products and refuse to sell you anything that does not meet our high quality standards.
  • We are located in Minnesota, the land of snow and cool sky blue waters so we know what it takes to keep the chill off and stay warm. Whether you are at an outdoor event, traveling, working outdoors, or want to treat your sore muscles and joints, this is a quality, reliable American Made Product that will work anytime you need it.
  • Our heat packs all come with a Manufacture’s Warranty against Manufacturing Defects.
  • Corporate, Educational, Military, Dealer, and Volume pricing is available.
  • Please let us know if you wish to purchase product in bulk or for resale.
  • QuantumHeatPacks.com is US Veteran owned.
Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who put their trust in us and purchased our products over the years. Our Proudly Made in USA, Doctor Recommended, Hospital Grade, Reusable Instant Heat-Packs are of Superior Quality, surpassing the ersatz heat-packs of those imported from foreign imitators.
Best Wishes & Warmest Regards!   -   Jim  -   US Veteran
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